“No More Water…”

How like you
to decide
to jump from the old bridge
to make me know
my mean care for you.

How like you,
to stumble from the stone steps,
fifteen feet,
to shatter ankle, plot and resolution.

Or did you hope
to hear applause
at your final exit?


4 thoughts on ““No More Water…”

  1. Bless you! These “James Paynter Classics” are marvelous and deserve to be on your blog. I’m so happy you’re posting them….and resisting the urge to rework!

    • For the ethereal record, I never stop reworking, a word change here, a phrase shortened to scan or deleted there. Call it tweaking. Call it refining. Call it “…busy fingers of artistic perfection” as you have. Call it what it is: the search for the right words within the right form for the sentiment expressed.

      And I probably would not have posted any of these had you not urged it strongly. (Small children–of any age–often stamp a foot to reinforce their demand. As a very small child you used to stamp your foot to make an emphatic point unrelated to a demand. I often think of that when you are now emphatic.)

      • Well, tweaking is one thing, but…as someone’s daughter once said, “you can make something too clean,” strip it of the raw life it came here with, get your rational capacity too much in the way of its passion, which, after all, is really what’s making it “work.” That’s what I warn against. I’m glad you’re posting them. (Princess wants the “Eyes to Wonder…” classics…NOW! ;-))

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