6 thoughts on “11.22.63

  1. …oh, yes! “…death, waiting/earnest in the Forum.” I remembered that, but had to look up the title and rest of the poem. I hope you’re impressed with my memory of these: I have read them a lot.

  2. Love this timely poem, with its Julius Caesar reference at the end (didn’t you make it more obvious in the original “…waiting/certain in the forum” or, wait….am I thinking of another, related poem?)

      • Yes, I just remembered! But the reference to Caesar’s assassination is in both. I guess it just seemed natural to me that you’d write a poem on the Kennedy assassination with this reference. Maybe it seemed so because I recalled the Caesar poem and recognized its echo in this new one, which I like a lot. Helps to be familiar with the Paynter opus. 🙂

        • That opus is certainly small enough to permit familiarity!

          Murder changes lives. Murders change societies. Some murders change nations which change history.

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