Navis Longa

(Latin. feminine. idiom. ‘man-of-war’. A 3-decked galley used to ram an enemy’s ship, powered by rowers who were slaves, criminals, debtors, political prisoners.)

Form up.
Move down.  Shift.
New units board.  Move along.
New wars with names we can’t pronounce.
Old gods pulled down
and homes abandoned.
Make room.  New labor boards.

Heat. Cold. Salt spray and dark.
Foul air to breathe.
Did you expect
a banquet to be laid for you?
Form up.  Move down.

When muscles tire and backs give out,
the great sea waits, merciful sea.
Move down.  Shift.

2 thoughts on “Navis Longa

  1. …as well as a metaphor of work…and life. I’m extremely fond of this. Though not a poetry reader, Jeff will also appreciate; “the great sea waits, merciful sea.”

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