Consider the Praying Mantis

Consider the praying mantis
of the order Manteodea,
who grips his prey frontally
but mounts his mate from the rear.
He helps his kind there twice,
consummating a future
then providing his bride a meal,
the eyes the entreé of choice.

This moment of death may yield
to ganglionic skill. Superior at lust,
the mantis may escape
no doubt to narrate his exploit
in formal mantric tones
to a surely younger crowd;
of pleasure won; of courage;
of life snatched from the jaws
of green death.

Yet we are assured
the nerve grids jerk again;
our diviner must go forth
to try his certain doom.
His marital bed
must become
her dinner table.

Now, when you hear that other fellow
boast of a timely escape
from his latest nubile woman,
consider the praying mantis.

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