Are you real?
Do you come?

Did you war against the fabled Troy?
Know Akilles?
Plot with High King Agamemnon?

Do they lie who say
you were a clever man,
the architect of victory?

Why are you not here
where lesser men consort
to wed Penelope,
where Telemakos
mimes the goatherd?

Am I son of Odysseus, of Hermes,
or born to some base
storyteller? Were you warrior, king,
or wandering minstrel? Tales
are not enough. Deeds, not words,
redeem me. Come or die.

I walk unsure. The sea
whispers. Lies.
Truth is man.
Warrior or minstrel, one is real.

Is the world so wide
you cannot come?

Or do you hunt
another myth to occupy?

1 thought on “Ithaka

  1. I really like this! Love how you portray Telemachus in a moment of universal human weakness–in limbo, uncertainty, depression. He feels like he may never have the answer to his life’s greatest question. Of course, WE know that his answer will come, but it’s great how we see him unable to know the future that was written for him.

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