We Who Would Traverse

We who would traverse the stars
decline to taste a single blade of grass,
to bend and drink clear water from a glacial stream,
to pick the wild black berry
or heed the hawk’s high, solitary call.

Old Frost knew us lost:
Provide, provide hums the mantra of the hive.

For every obstacle to wants,
for every loss to gain,
an other whispers in our ear:
I have it here, mate;
just step around the corner.

Old Wordsworth cut it plain:
better outworn creed than vampire greed.

Press 1 to enter
your unique twelve digit number.
Press 2 to hear
the menu of your anger build as patriotic music bids.
Press 3 to detonate.

1 thought on “We Who Would Traverse

  1. You KNOW I love this! šŸ™‚ I’ve already included among my favorites and those first two lines in my unwritten record of your quotable quotes.

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